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            • Henricksen is a full-service contract furniture dealership

              With hundreds of manufacturer partnerships, we offer an array of product solutions from systems furniture, casegoods, seating, lounge, and conference furnishings to architectural solutions, modular walls, flooring, lighting, sound masking, and technology equipment.

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            • kasino di macau

              Allsteel's Townhall Collection wins 2018 Interior Design Best of the Year Award

              Designed in collaboration with Rainlight Design Studio, Townhall groups movable soft seating, tables, and accessories into multifunctional and agile micro-environments for individual and group work in shared, open spaces.

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            • Grand Opening

              A New Era for Kellogg

              The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University opens its new flagship building on Northwestern’s Evanston campus. Henricksen served as the furniture dealer for the innovative Global Hub building which continues Kellogg's legacy as a pioneer in business education.

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            • Thought Leadership

              Chicago CBRE Furniture Forum: Unraveling Furniture Frustrations

              Henricksen's Russell Frees participates on a cross-functional industry panel that reveals new recommendations to improve the contract furniture procurement process.

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